X's & O's Bath and Body certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council
X's & O's Bath and Body supports cruelty free produts

About Us

Stacey Kokell Owner of X's & O's Bath and Body

Our Vision

Company Core Values

Our Vision

The world of skincare and beauty products is constantly growing and changing. At X’s & O’s Bath and Body our ambition is not to be the biggest skincare company in the world but to grow our core business to include a wide variety of quality skincare products at a competitive price to meet  our consumer’s needs. From developing new processes to creating new products, innovation is central to how we work and grow on a daily basis. Locally owned and operated in Martin County FL  It was created by Stacey Kokell in 2018 . We are  dedicated to creating affordable, luxurious personal care products that are good for you, your family and our environment.

Company Core Values

Our Vision

 X's & O's  is a new line of   bath and body products for women of all ages. The company is the endeavor of President and CEO Stacey Kokell. Learn more about her 15 years of experience in the hair and skin care industry by reading her story below.

Meet Our CEO

This  Business Manager has always enjoyed starting and running her own businesses. In fact, the Canadian-raised entrepreneur had owned her beauty supply store in Niagara Falls Canada for several years and has never lost her keen interest in the cosmetology industry.She reflects a varied personality of ambition, determination and an entrepreneurial spirit. Through her passion and experience in management, Stacey has brought a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to her company.

Professional Background

Prior to starting her business, Stacey spent several years working for a diverse range of organizations and large corporations as an Accounts Executive. She has assisted corporations with training new account executives, along with assisting them with new business start-ups.With her extensive background, Stacey knows all too well the importance of building and maintaining strong customer service, as well as client relationships. Her Company  has acquired certification through the National Women's Business Enterprise Council as a certified women's business. She has also joined the Leaping Bunny organization to support cruelty free products. Stacey  has explained that her desire to open her own business is propelled by the goal of building a successful enterprise while doing something that she loves to do.“Your passion will never become work and it will motivate you to always push yourself further and accomplish more.”

Message to All​

Through her management experience, Stacey has learned that strong leadership is unlocking your potential to becoming better at what you do. She advises anybody trying to follow in her footsteps to stay focused, work hard, and be positive. The business environment has a lot of potentials and the sky is the limit.

Company Core Values

Company Core Values

Company Core Values

Customer Focus

We listen to our customers and provide resolutions. Moreover, we commit to their satisfaction and try to exceed their expectations.


Integrity is the foundation for a successful business. Thus we are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with employees, consumers, vendors and the public.


At X's & O's bath and body, we lead by example. Our leaders will be the persons others choose to follow. We act ethically and provide opportunities for people to grow personally and professionally.

Business to Business Relationship

We will be transparent in all business transactions, making smart decisions and investments that have a positive impact on ROI while forming long-term partnerships.